Monday, August 26, 2013

The Adventure of Tomorrow

I'm sorry I haven't said anything to you in a month (exactly). It has been a crazy, busy, exhausting month of packing and sorting and discarding--with a wonderful vacation to Indiana thrown in. I don't have time to tell you about any of it. In fact, I shouldn't be blogging right now.

But, I couldn't let today pass without sharing this picture from the closing this morning:

Allyson entertained herself so well. She made me proud.

We are now the proud owners of my second dream house. If I had my way, I'd have all the boxes and clothes over there already, with the kitchen unpacked. But I'm going to pace myself through the next few days, moving a bit at a time with the help of some amazing friends, before all the furniture goes on a U-Haul truck this Saturday.

Shortly before my vacation, I sent a whining email to Gentle about all I hadn't gotten done and how I'd have to work like a madwoman this past weekend to finish up the packing. She responded with the beautiful message below, and then the next night she came over and single-handedly put everything in order...

Yes, the key is that this will be behind you soon. Still, try to enjoy the adventure of it! There is something special about purging your things, packing everything away, and living off of simplicity. Then moving into an empty house, not having things at your beck and call. Eating a picnic dinner on a blanket in the kitchen because your table has not arrived and your dishes are nowhere in site. Sleeping in sleeping bags in the middle of your new room, laying there, thinking of how your furniture will be displayed. Roaming the empty house, imagining the new possibilities for your home and future. Then just after you have had enough simplicity.....every thing arrives.....and though these packages are not new and bright....some may be tattered and worn....but they are your things and somehow it feels like Christmas and each box is like a new gift waiting to be unwrapped, each one becomes more appreciated and new life is breathed into them. Pillows and rugs won't make this will be so much more that did not cost you anything...God, your kids, and the hope of the new tomorrow that you will have just started.  
Enjoy all that comes with it....your preparing your new beginning.....look how far God has brought you!! All the little things....even the frustrations...count them treasures, as they are. They are all steps to your new would be difficult to get to the place you want to be with missing steps on a ladder....His hand is in everything....even the late nights. 
To treasures of all shapes, sizes, and disguises....may we see them all:)

On the one hand, I am beyond exhausted and just want to be comfortably settled in my new home. But I want to enjoy even this crazy time, as Gentle urged me to. Yes, there are treasures here. When I have time, I will tell you about them. 

Miss you guys. More soon. 


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