Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why I Started My Blog

Ever since I discovered Psalm 139, I've realized that my life really is a book. It's full of adventures: some fun, some scary, some joyous, and some downright maddening. Sometimes I worry when what I think I need doesn't seem to be happening, but then I remember that I can trust the Author. You know how you get lost in a really good book? It doesn't matter that you don't know how it ends; if you like the author, you know you're in for a treat. I've come to realize (on my good days), that it's like that with life.

I've been keeping a journal for about eight years, and I love going back and reading old entries because I can see how I've grown and how I've stayed the same. I've battled insecurities, won small victories, and battled them again. Along the way, I've learned to open up and love the people God has placed in my life. I'm even learning to love ME.

Some of those old journal entries--even the sad ones--are just too beautiful not to share. So I plan to copy some of them onto my blog and add some new ones, too. I figure there must be other people out there who struggle with the same insecurities and fears and hurts that I have (or different ones), and I'm hoping to connect with some of these people. Maybe we can commiserate with each other. Maybe we can encourage and even inspire each other.

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