Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Raining Cereal Balls!

I never post twice in a day, but I just had to share this story, which occurred only moments ago.

Just when I realized it had started to rain, I heard the PING of little hailstones against the windows and roof. As luck would have it, Bill is out of town, so I had to handle things myself.

I raced down the stairs and threw open the back door, and I was immediately pelted on the head with several hailstones the size of Kix cereal balls. Despite their cute size, that smarted!

I hollered for Lola (see, I do love her!), and she immediately bounded into the kitchen. I herded her into the garage, leaving a trail of muddy dog prints.

After she was safely ensconced in the garage, I stood in the back doorway for a moment to take in the amazing sight of tiny balls of ice bouncing on the patio and the picnic table. Then, as I turned to head back upstairs, I noticed a hailstone on the living room floor, a good 12 feet from the door! I was filled with awe. No wonder those hailstones had hurt, falling with such force!

I walked over to pick up the stone and then laughed at myself when I realized it was actually a Kix cereal ball. I contemplated eating it, but the five-second rule definitely didn't apply here, so I threw it in the trash.

Just as I was settling onto the couch, proud of myself for handling the situation just fine all on my own, the phone rang. It was my neighbor across the street. "I'm sorry to call so late," she said, "but I'm pretty sure your car windows are down."

"Oh nooo!" I wailed. "Yes, they are down. I told myself not to forget to roll them up, but of course I did anyway." I had rolled all the windows down to let Allyson finish her car nap this afternoon while I read on the porch, and now I was just kicking myself.

I hung up the phone and sprinted out into the hail and torrential downpour to my already soaked car. I turned it on and rolled up all four windows at once. I'm so thankful for my good neighbors because I think this kind of a storm could do some damage to the inside of my car. As it is, I'm sure it's going to stink for days, or maybe even weeks, especially if the temperature rises again tomorrow.

So now I'm drenched, and I'm imagining that my head is smarting, and instead of getting warm I'm sitting here typing it all up while the lightning crashes outside. I guess I really do need Bill home to help me have a little common sense. Let's just keep this between us, okay?


Kristina said...

Oh Sarah! I'm so sorry your head and your car got pelted by the rain and hail! I was driving home from class when it started to hail! It was scary. I wished I was in my nice warm house at that point!!

And it's probably a good thing you didn't eat the don't know where it's been. :)

Mindy said...

It hailed last week here in Austin, luckily it was more north Austin than south Austin. Blake's sister lives in north Austin though and her car got pelted by the hail. It's such a helpless feeling, I hope your car wasn't too damaged by it.

Sarah said...

No, the hailstones were thankfully too small to damage the car. But there MAY be some water damage. I only THOUGHT I rolled all the windows up last night. The front two were closed, but the back two were each down about 6 inches. The back seats and Allyson's carseat were drenched. It doesn't stink yet, but I'm worried.

Melissa Irwin said...

Ouch! Why am I suddenly craving cereal?


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