Tuesday, June 2, 2009

See the Squash Flowers!

Several days ago I was delighted to see a large yellow flower on our squash plant. I'd never seen a squash flowering, and I was surprised at how large and beautiful it was. I thought, "I'll finish what I'm doing and come out and take a picture."

By the time I got around to going back outside, the bloom had folded up, and then the next day it shriveled. I was so disappointed.

Bill told me it was actually the second time the squash plant had produced a flower, but I found it hard to believe I could have missed it since the first thing I do each morning is run out and look at the garden. I try to measure each little seedling with my eyes and see if it's growing. I look for new leaves and bug holes. I scan every inch of dirt for weeds. (I didn't expect to enjoy weeding so much. Each time I wrench a corkscrew-rooted weed from the rich, dark soil, I think, "Ha! Take that! And don't come back!" But they always do.)

I kept watching for another blossom each morning, and today my vigilance was rewarded. There were TWO beautiful yellow flowers on the squash plant.

The Topsy Turvy upside-down tomato plant also has several blossoms. I wonder how much longer before the tomatoes start growing?

Soon I'll have to add another step to my watchful care: looking for evidence of bigger pests, like birds. They'd better leave our veggies alone!

1 comment:

Melissa Irwin said...

i love watching your garden grow. those blooms are beautiful...i had no idea. also...i share your love of pulling weeds. :)


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