Friday, October 2, 2009

No More Pictures!

I never thought I'd hear Allyson say, "No more pictures!", but that's what happened last week. My friend Kristi got a new camera and Photoshop software recently, and she'd been saying for awhile that she'd like to photograph Allyson. Last Wednesday, we finally went for our photo shoot.

At first, Allyson ate it up. She struck pose after pose for Kristi. This was no surprise; at home she usually says, "Take a picture of me, Mommy!" several times a day.

Allyson's McDonald's Happy Meal ring, her latest infatuation, was proudly on display in many of the pictures.

After a few shots, Kristi turned Allyson loose to run around the fountain, jump off the ledges, and play in the water. She snapped shot after shot while Allyson expended staggering quantities of energy.

Kristi captured quite a few shots of us together, but I didn't like those quite as well simply because I was in them. Unlike Allyson, I had a hard time forgetting about the camera. Despite my awkwardness, Kristi did manage to get some pretty good shots.

After 30 minutes or so, Allyson started saying, "No more pictures!" But Kristi was still able to take a few more.

The photo shoot was officially over when Allyson inexplicably started trying to pull her pants off!

Afterward, Kristi treated us to ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. (We should have treated her instead!) Allyson ate hers with gusto.

Despite Allyson's complaints, we both had a lot of fun, and I think Kristi did, too. Who knew that taking pictures could be so entertaining?

Though these low resolution copies don't do the originals justice, maybe you can get an idea of Kristi's talent. I hope she can do this for a living some day, if that's what she chooses. I know we'll treasure these pictures always, and whenever I look at them, I'll think of our friendship.


Anonymous said...

The pics are beautiful! You look beautiful Sarah...that is my favorite shirt on you!! What ever you do, don't cut Allyson's hair, it is simply incredible! She is adorable!

Melissa Irwin said...



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