Monday, November 1, 2010

Snow White and the Scary Guy

Hard to believe another Halloween has passed. It seems like yesterday when Ethan and Allyson looked like this:
Age 4 (2001)

Age 6 Months (2006)

On Wednesday, Bill and the kids carved pumpkins.

Ethan carved his own again this year, which always reminds me of the story about Bill's sister Lisa almost cutting her finger off when she carved a pumpkin as a kid. To make matters worse this year, Ethan and Allyson actually joked about someone cutting off a finger. "Stop it! That's not funny," I scolded. But Allyson kept bringing it up again every few minutes.
Doesn't This Look Like the Shower Scene from Psycho?

No One Lost Any Digits

Ethan's Pumpkin is on Far Right

After the kids went to bed, Bill carved one more pumpkin for a contest at work. Can you believe he didn't win first place?

Last night we took Allyson trick-or-treating in her Snow White costume. Ethan missed it this year because he was at his dad's, but he was back in time to help eat Allyson's candy.

She wore white tights, sport socks, and her tennis shoes under the costume, but in her mind she was a BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS. It was probably the gold fabric crown that sealed the illusion for her. 
We walked around the neighborhood with Jacob, a second-grader from across the street. He wore the same "Scream" costume that Ethan wore two years ago:

Ethan in 2008 (age 11)
At one house, I overheard this conversation:

Woman: Oh, are you Snow White?

Allyson: Yes, and also a beautiful princess. 

Woman: Yes, you are beautiful!

Allyson (gesturing to Jacob): And he's a Scary Guy. (Cups hand around mouth and continues in a stage whisper.) I just call him Scary Guy because I don't know what his costume is really called. 

Woman: Works for me! 

Oh, and Trick or Treat!
We coached Allyson over and over on what to say: first "Trick or Treat!" and then "thank you." 

The good thing is that she almost always remembered to say thank you. But she couldn't seem to remember the Trick or Treat part. It usually went something like this: 
  1. Collect candy. Mumble a thank you.
  2. Run back down walk, candy bag dragging.
  3. Holler "Have a happy Halloween!" 
  4. Back at the sidewalk, yell, "Trick or Treat!" 

Oh well. She must have done something right given the size of her haul--in her words, it was the size of "a small elephant." 

Good thing Ethan will eat most of it.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Best wishes for yet another year!

Here in the UK Halloween has caught on over the past few years. It is closely followed by Bonfire Night - or Guy Fawkes Day on 5 November when people light Bonfires and burn effigies of Guy Fawkes.

Guy Fawkes (13 April 1570 – 31 January 1606), belonged to a group of provincial English Catholics who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605 to blow up Parliament.

Immediately before his execution on 31 January, Fawkes jumped from the scaffold where he was to be hanged and broke his neck, thus avoiding the agony of the drawing and quartering that followed.

I doubt many people who celebrate this event with bonfires and fireworks know much of the origin of the story.

God bless.

Gentle said...

Looks like every one had a great time! Allyson looks adorable, what a princess....she would look like a princess in a sac cloth though:)
I just assumed EVERYONE celebrated Halloween in some form of fashion (we celebrate Happy Harvest)and was surprised that the UK has only been doing it for a few years. I really like the idea of the bon fires and fireworks and the meaning it carries.

Kristi said...

So cute! We worked with Kendall on the "trick or treat" then "thank you" as well...instead she would wait for me to ask "what do you say?" then she would whisper "thank you" and walk away. Each time I would correct 'no, before that...' but in her mind she had already moved on because she was asking about going to 'next door Mommy?'

Sarah said...

Victor - Fascinating info about Guy Fawkes Day. Like Gentle, I just assumed everyone celebrated Halloween, which also has some dark history, I believe.

Gentle - Thank you! I'll tell Allyson you said that.

Kristi - How cute! I can just picture Kendall whispering thank you. I don't think Allyson ever whispers anything.


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