Friday, May 20, 2011

Love in the Air... And Poop on the Deck

When I drug myself to the breakfast table at 7:05 yesterday morning, Bill was already grumbling. "I think a bunch of birds have been hanging out by the pool," he said.

I smiled, picturing birds sprawled on lawn chairs, drinking lemonade out of tiny cups with teeny umbrellas.

"And they're pooping all over the deck," he continued. My smile fizzled.

He peered through the screen door. "Hey, guys! Looks like two birds are mating out there now." He stepped onto the porch.

Ethan didn't budge, just continued staring at his plate, but I jumped up and raced out the door behind Bill. I'd never seen birds mating--or any other animals, for that matter--and I was curious.

By the time I caught up to him, he had pushed through the iron gate and was trying shoo two birds that resembled doves. They now sat about an inch apart on the trellis next to the jasmine vine.

"How'd you know they were mating?" I asked.

He cast a sideways glance at me, raising his brows. "Because one of them was on top of the other?"

"Oh," I said, crestfallen to have missed the show.

Bill turned his attention back to breaking up the lovers. "Get!" he yelled. One bird fluttered to the back wall of the pool, the other just behind it. Bill walked out on the ledge, waving his arms. "Go on, get out!"

Reluctant to end their tryst, the couple flew just a few feet farther and perched side by side on the fence.

"Get out!" Bill repeated, advancing along the ledge. "All the way out."

The Love Nest

"Aw, you interrupted their romantic moment," I said.

"I don't care. Not in our backyard. They need to get a room," he said. I snickered.

Lola, who had followed us into the enclosure, danced around Bill's feet. "And you!" Bill scolded, shaking a finger at her. "You need to do your job and take care of all these birds." Lola gazed up at him with adoring eyes and wagged her tail.

Lola, the Lackadaisical Watchdog

I puckered my lips for a good morning smooch, and Bill cracked his first smile of the day.


Crunchy Diva said...

well if bill thinks that a chocolate lab is going to be a watch dog i can't stop laughing. lola will show the birds the good spots to hang out hehehehe i love chocolate labs such loveable creatures.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Bird poop can be so difficult to clean; especially when it's on cars.

I remember years ago my boss and I were on business at a seaside town. At lunchtime we walked on the beach and a seagull pooped over my boss' dress . She was livid and asked me "Quick, do you have any paper tissues?"

I said: "It's too late ... the bird must have flown miles away by now!"

God bless.

Sarah said...

Crunchy Diva - Lola is mostly a loveable creature, on a good day. But you're right, definitely no watch dog!

Victor - I bet your boss smacked you! As to how difficult it is to clean bird poop, thankfully I wouldn't know. I guess that's why Bill is the one complaining about the birds.

Jenny said...

LOL, I hate bird poop anywhere. Maybe you could get a birdhouse and they'd keep their mating over there?!

Sarah said...

Jenny - Great idea! I think a birdhouse would be fun. Wonder if they would use that instead of our arbor.


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