Friday, July 29, 2011

Exactly 50 Words

Tonight is the first time in weeks that I have sat down to work on the manuscript for my novel. I've been so, so busy, and my heart has been on other concerns. But the story is always at the back of my mind, asking to be told.

In September I'll be attending a Christian writers' conference that I so enjoyed last year, and this time I will be attending a three-day mentoring workshop with a published author and 11 other aspiring authors. Tonight I completed the prerequisite: a 50-word summary of my book (plus the first five pages, which I had already written and rewritten a few times).

Do you have any idea how hard it is to sum up a novel in only 50 words? I can't even put it in words. I've already used well over 50 in this blog entry.

Since I did the work, and since I've told you very, very little about my novel up until now, I thought I'd share my summary, which is EXACTLY 50 words:

Finding Rachel (working title; hope I can do better than that)
When Emma’s sister dies after a decade of estrangement, she seeks peace through reading her journals, but reliving old heartaches brings pain that might destroy her fragile marriage. As her life falls apart, she discovers the hope Rachel found through her growing faith, and her own faith begins to blossom. 

So there you have it. Before the workshop, I plan to finish typing my manuscript and hopefully do the first cuts so I'll be ready for some serious revisions.

Okay, now I've got lots of typing to do. Hope you're having a good weekend.


Sarah Louise


Gentle said...

Ahhh!! This is super exciting! I am big time proud of you and I can't wait to read your book! Way to go Sarah!

Victor S E Moubarak said...


Best wishes with your book writing.

God bless you.

diana said...

Wow, Sarah!! That is AWESOME!! I'm very excited for you. Every step is progress toward the final product--YEA!!

Jara said...

I am so proud of you for following your dream - what an accomplishment!!!

Jenny said...

Can't wait to read it! Way go go!

Kristi said...

"Finding Rachel" sounds extremely interesting - great summary - I can't wait to buy it at book store one day!

k and c's mom said...

This is so exciting! So many of us talk about writing and you are doing it! I love your signature. Can't wait until it reads "Sarah: Published Author".

Sarah said...

Gentle, Victor, Diana, Jara, Jenny, Kristi, and K&C's Mom:

Thank you for your encouragement! So often I think, "No one will be interested in this story." It's good to know you guys are excited about reading it. That gives me an incentive to GET IT DONE.


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