Saturday, February 23, 2013

My New Favorite Gadget

If you've been reading long, you know how I love me a new gadget. So I'm sure you won't believe that I've kept quiet about my latest addition to the collection for about four weeks!

Remember how I whined over the unaccustomed task of picking up Lola's poop? Well, sometimes it pays to complain. After my brother Rick read that entry, he showed me his own system for picking up after his own dogs (and grand-dogs). He uses a Sanitary Pooper Scooper in combination with a bag-lined bucket. No stooping, no heavy shovel, no swaying plastic bag. Piece of cake! (Piece of something, anyway.)

I wasted no time ordering my own scooper, just $12.90 on Amazon. I could hardly wait for it to arrive! When it did, I scurried right out to the backyard to try it out. I'm telling you, that scooper is fabulous! It's light and nimble, and so much easier on the grass than the heavy shovel. Why, it made poop scooping almost... enjoyable. Almost. For the first time, anyway.
Positively Ecstatic. Can't You Tell? 

The next weekend, I generously gave Ethan a turn with the new scooper. While his reaction wasn't quite as enthusiastic as mine, he did agree that it made the job much easier.

At our first monthly family dinner, I raved to Mom about the scooper, and Rick brought his out again to demonstrate. Mom didn't even wait until she got home to order hers. It was easy to understand her excitement; they have three dogs to pick up after. (However, I bet those two Chihuahuas and one poodle don't drop as much doo in a day as my one 60-pound Lab mix.)

I've now used the scooper three times, and it still gives me a little thrill. A tiny one, to be sure. Of course it doesn't compare to the thrill of using, say, my Nutrimill Grain Mill (after at least a hundred uses, too). But any sort of thrill from picking up dog poop is a pretty good thing, don't you think?

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