Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Please pray for Mark

Thursday 10/9/08 1:28 PM
Here is an email from Mark's wife Heather, with more detail on Mark's condition. If he is up to making a joke, he must be feeling better!

His neurosurgeon ordered an MRI with contrast this morning which showed that he has an abscess on the lower part of his spine that is caused by a bacterial infection. We are waiting on blood cultures to come back and tell us exactly what kind of bacteria we are dealing with but in the meantime they are treating him with some high-power broad spectrum antibiotics to start attacking the infection. The infection is ‘septic’ which means that it’s in his bloodstream and is traveling (and attacking) all over his body, throughout all of the organs and has caused a few problems. He’s having trouble keeping his oxygen levels high enough on his own so they have him wearing a mask (which is driving him crazy!) and he also has some fluid in his lungs that they’re watching closely. He also has some apparent heart function issues, but we won’t know details about that until the cardiologist reads the echocardiogram (another test) in the morning.
They moved him from his regular room to ICU around 330 this afternoon so they could really monitor him closely. No word on how long he’ll be in ICU or the hospital for that matter. They want to get the infection under control before they even think about what they are going to do about the abscess.
He’s been very very uncomfortable. His back has been hurting regardless of the pain meds (he’s got a pump that doses him regularly and he can dose himself every ten minutes if the pain get’s bad...he loves his “button”!) and he’s had a fever almost constantly. All of those things have caused him to be really ‘out of it’ and he’s slept almost non-stop.
He finally took a turn for the better tonight. Before I left ICU tonight (visiting hrs ended at 10) he had started talking more and was more coherent than he’s been in two days. He was holding up his finger with the red light monitor on it and saying “ET phone home”... very funny Mark! He had started to get a little color back in his face and just looked a million times better, which was a great way to end the day!
So I’m home now to get a little sleep. I’m sure I’m leaving out many details, but I wanted to get something out tonight... I am just in awe of how many wonderful friends we have and how many people care about us...each and every one of you are a blessing!...
Love to you all...and keep those PRAYERS coming because they are WORKING!


Thursday 10/9/08 6:14 AM
Very good news in an email from Michelle's husband James. I checked my email as soon as I woke up because I had been dreaming about Mark all night. Each time, I would pray (maybe in my sleep?). I'm glad to know he's doing better, but he still needs prayers.

Our God never ceases to amaze me even though He continues to remind me of how awesome He is. From the time I arrived at the hospital to the time that I had left, Mark had seemed to do a 180. Yes, Mark was receiving the best possible care and medication, but what I saw was more
than a person responding to hospital treatment. It was my Christian brother being strengthened by God through the prayers of his brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for Mark, and praise God for reminding us of the power He gives us when
we pray in the name of Jesus Christ.

Mark is not "out of the woods" yet. This infection was very aggressive, and he still has an abscess in his back that the doctors need to treat after the infection subsides. Please keep praying for Mark and praising God.


Wednesday 10/8/08 11:15 PM
I didn't get this update until this morning. Michelle emailed at 11:15...

Mark is doing much better. It is amazing what the power of prayer can do. We will know more in the morning but just in the last few hours from all your prayers he has started looking much better and was even talking and laughing a little bit. I will continue to keep you all posted and please keep praying that he continues to respond to the meds.

Praise God!

Wednesday 10/8/08 10:39 PM:

Here's the latest. At least now they know what is wrong. The following is an email from our friend Michelle:
I just spoke to James who is at the hospital now and it turns out that Mark had an abcess in his lower back that has spread through his whole body. His heart has already gone into arrest once and the Dr.'s are basically pumping him full of antibiotics. If he does not respond to the drugs then there is a chance his body will start shutting down. Here is some scripture I found that I am meditating on. "The prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the
Lord will raise him up." James 5:15

Wednesday 10/8/08 9:07 PM:
I don't know who will see this, but if you do, please pray immediately. This is a request for Mark Lauden, who is part of our home group at church. Here is what I know. This is an email from our friend Michelle:
I just received a call regarding Mark Lauden, one of the members of our Home Group from the Met who has been in the hospital with back pain and high fever. I don't know the details other than that he is now in ICU, they don't know what the cause is, but that the infection he has has spread all through his body and the next 24 hours are crucial. Please pray for his healing and for the doctors to find out what is causing this and how to treat him. Thank you all so much and if there is anyone I left out on this email please forward.

Love in Christ,

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Mindy Dunlap said...

I'm really glad to hear that your friend is doing better! I will continue to pray for his health and family. Stay strong Sarah.


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