Saturday, February 14, 2009

About My Valentine

I thought it would be fitting to do a little bragging on my sweetheart for Valentine's Day. I was able to dig up something I submitted to a Good Housekeeping contest back in 2006. I was supposed to tell how my husband was Mr. Housekeeping--how he made my job around the house much easier and how that added to our romance. I was absolutely convinced he was going to win the plasma TV, or at least the really cool table saw. There must have been some mistake, though, because I never heard back from them. Here is what I wrote...

February 6, 2006
I fell in love with my husband over dishes [and toddler vomit]. As our hands brushed in the soapy water, I thought, “Wow! Good-looking, smart, funny, and he washes dishes!”

Dishes were only the beginning. Without discussing or negotiating, Bill shares equally in cooking and cleaning duties. He helps with laundry and does all the vacuuming and dusting. He keeps the hardwood floors shining, and he gathers and carries out all the trash—I never have to touch it. I love the feeling of teamwork when we cook a big meal together or just do the nightly dishes.

Beyond daily chores, Bill energetically tackles bigger tasks like cleaning the oven, bleaching grout, and banishing shower mildew. He washes the windows, inside and out. He loves to paint, lay tile, and do anything involving power tools.

Bill’s gift is organizing. He picks up clutter, cleans closets, and helps me file my stacks of paper. He tolerates my messiness with grace and humor.

I most admire his support in parenting my 8-year-old (his stepson). Mornings, he lays out Ethan’s clothes, prepares his breakfast, and packs his lunch. Evenings, he helps with homework and oversees bath time. He also supervises room cleaning, a daunting task. We are now expecting our first baby, and I know Bill will be a sensitive, supportive father.

Our marriage has taught me to find romance in unexpected ways; Bill’s hard work is how he expresses his love. I know he respects and cherishes me, and I couldn’t ask for more in a husband.

Work Christmas Party 2005

Three Years Later
As I'd predicted, Bill is an incredibly wonderful father, but I'll save that story for Father's Day. He still expresses his love through kind, thoughtful acts. Just last night, he surprised me with a romantic gesture.

We went to the Canucks/Stars game for our Valentines date. As we sat on the edge of our seats throughout the fast-paced, very close game (which the Canucks lost, sadly), I noticed an older couple in the row ahead of us. She was covered with a plaid blanket and was nestled under his arm for the entire game. She laid her head on his shoulder, and he squeezed her arm and occasionally kissed the top of her head.

"How romantic," I mused (a little wistfully). "He must really love her!" My own husband was leaning forward in his seat, eyes trained on the game.

At the end of the second period, Bill excused himself to find a restroom. He was gone for at least 15 minutes, and I was starting to worry that his large dinner was not sitting well. He finally arrived with a hot drink in his hand. I knew immediately that it was hot chocolate for me because I'd mentioned earlier that a hot chocolate might be nice after the game.

Bill told his friend Troy that he'd had to walk to several stands to find one that sold hot chocolate. During that time, he missed the Stars' winning goal and several other exciting plays. Here we were, watching his favorite hockey team in person, and he was hunting down hot chocolate for his shivering wife!

I thought, "How romantic! He must really love me!"

He followed up this morning by making thick French toast with sourdough bread. Yes, I think he really does love me. And the feeling is mutual.


Melissa Irwin said...

Wow, a hot chocolate hunt. This post gave me goosebumps! I'm sorry he didn't win the plasma tv.... but I'm blessed to get to see through your writings that God gifted you with a great husband and the he cherishes you! What a sweet post.

Mindy said...

I know I'm late on the response but I just loved this post. You sure found one of "the great ones". When I was younger (and still today) I aspire to end up with a man like Bill who is completely determined to make sure everybody around him is happy and will do anything for anyone. I'm pretty sure I have found that person but only time will tell ;-)


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