Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's a Hee-Haw Thing

Yesterday I showed this picture to Allyson:

I said, "Isn't that a funny monkey?"

She replied, "That's not a monkey. It's a hee-haw fing."

"Do you mean a donkey?" I asked. She nodded. "Why do you think that's a donkey?"

"Cuz it has four legs," she explained.

I told her that monkeys have four legs, too, but sometimes they walk on their back legs.

"Well, that monkey has a funny bum!" she giggled.

It struck me as pretty hilarious that even at age two, Allyson has ideas about what bottoms should look like, and she thinks it's funny when a bottom doesn't fit the usual mold.

I found the picture on the main Yahoo page, and it was labeled the most emailed picture of the week. The caption just said something about it being a celebes crested macaque. There was no story with it. Obviously, other people had the same junior-high reaction that I did.

What does it say about our culture that the most popular picture is not a daring rescue, a cute baby, or even a beautiful woman? No, the most popular picture is a ridiculously giant monkey butt. I think it says God built us with a delightful, quirky sense of humor that unites us. We can all use a laugh with the scary economic news these days.


Kristi said...

someone sent me that picture through sametime at work! how funny

Mindy said...

Haha I hadn't seen this picture, that's too funny! That is interesting though that Allyson, at such a young age, could distinguish a "normal" looking butt from a funny looking one.


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