Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lola the Bubble Slayer

Our beloved Lola has discovered a pastime even more exciting than chasing water: she loves to jump up and pop soap bubbles with her teeth.

Here's a short video. Prepare to be amazed at Lola's agility and accuracy. It's my voice narrating, but I wasn't talking for the camera. I was actually on the phone, doing a bit of algebra tutoring, when I saw Lola and had to grab the camcorder. On the video, I'm explaining to my friend Chris why I am totally not paying attention to him.


P.S. Have you noticed that I've posted more videos of my dog than my children? I wonder what that means?


Kristi said...

Bill needs to work on controlling the wind - jeez! ;o)

Mindy said...

Lol I love the video! Dog's are so goofy. And though I don't have any children , Chloe is pretty much my daughter. I have about 157,985 pictures of her doing crazy things like sleeping (ok it's not as boring as it sounds, her tongue sticks out by an inch!). And I do have video of her... the time when we put the empty gardetto bag on her head, I think the picture is on my blog.

Melissa Irwin said...

We used to have a black lab, Zoey, and she chased water and bubbles. She also dug massive holes in our back yard, but I'm not bitter. :)

Sarah said...

You're so funny, Melissa. It sounds like you can really relate to my mixed feelings about Lola.


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