Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Please Pray for Dad

Dad had another endoscopy this morning to check for recurrence of his esophageal cancer. The original site is clear, but he had developed another cancerous nodule in a different area. This was a shock to us. We thought it was just a routine follow-up. Dad has been feeling so much better and looking so much better that we didn't expect bad news.

They did an ultrasound to see how far the nodule had penetrated, and they determined that they could safely cut it out--which they did today. He should have his biopsy results in ten days, and his doctor is consulting with a cancer specialist to determine the best course. His heart does not seem strong enough for a more invasive surgery. Chemotherapy may be an option.

I feel so exhausted emotionally. When I pray for him, I just pray for God to have mercy on Daddy. (He hasn't been Daddy for years and years, but right now he is. I am a little girl napping next to him on the living room floor while we wait for dinner.) I don't want him to suffer. I don't want him to be sick at all any more. I just want this to go away.

Please pray for Dad and my family. Please pray that God will direct his doctors in determining his treatment plan.

Thank you!

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Melissa Irwin said...

(sigh)....I'm praying.


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