Thursday, May 14, 2009

And Here Come the Carrots

This morning I spotted the tiny carrot sprouts. Neat how they stand straight up like the stems on a carrot top.

The real stars of The Family Garden are the green beans. They've gone beyond sprouts and are now leafy green plants. Unfortunately, the bugs seem to find them irresistible.

This morning I finally sprayed my home-made, almost organic pesticide on them, and it rained ten minutes later. Hard. So I sprayed them again this afternoon, but now I'm worried that two doses of cayenne pepper (along with onions, jalapenos, and tons of garlic) in one day might stunt their growth.

Tonight at bedtime, Allyson and I prayed for the garden to flourish. Allyson piped up, "And please tell the bugs to stop eating our bedge-tables!"

Then she said, "But Mommy, maybe the bugs are just hungry."

"Yes, I'm sure they are, Baby. But they need to find something else to eat."

Man, I hope these veggies make it. I'm already ridiculously attached to them. Maybe I should start talking to them every morning. Or do you think they'd be more in the mood for conversation in the evening? I'd better read up on it.


Melissa Irwin said...

i love that you are praying of the garden and talking to it. what a beautiful life lesson for your children to see. everything we nurture...grows.

Mindy said...

Congratuations on the successful garden! I'm so jealous! How are the upside down tomatoes coming along?

Sarah said...

The upside-down carrots are holding their own. At first they seemed a little bedraggled, but they look a little happier now. They're still lagging behind the tomato plant in the garden, but I think maybe it's because they aren't getting as much sun.


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