Monday, May 11, 2009

The Lettuce Is Up!

Yesterday, after just four days, we were amazed to see tiny sprouts in the lettuce rows. Aren't they cute?

Lettuce Sprout

It was fitting that the little shoots came up yesterday because my Mother's Day gift consisted of various gardening tools: a tiny rake, pink gloves, a little trowel, a spray bottle for my pesticide concoction, and a fancy sprayer for watering/showering/misting/power washing. (It looks like you could power wash with it, but I'll try not to wash away our sweet little sprouts.)

Ethan was so excited for me to open my gift. He'd picked out the sprayer himself, and he couldn't wait for me to see it. While we tried to enjoy the fancy breakfast he and Bill had prepared, he hounded us continually. In fact, he was just as anxious for me to open this gift as he had been about opening his own birthday gifts a week before. Of course, I was delighted when I finally gave in and opened the present at 10:05 AM.

Ethan and I are both excited to try out the new toys, though I'm a little nervous, too. I hope I'll be able to distinguish the weeds from the veggies. I'm sure Allyson would love to get her hands on the tools, too, but I'll try my hardest to keep our little garden safe from wayward trowels and spades....

This afternoon, we spotted the newborn bean sprouts! Woo-hoo!

Green Bean

Allyson asked if we could eat them, but I told her it would be 71 more days. (She loves green beans.) This evening she had the pleasure of calling Nana--who flew back home this morning--to tell her the good news.

I'm sure Nana must have been impressed. I'm pretty sure she said it would be several days before anything else would sprout. I guess our garden is just a little exceptional!


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Diane made a comment about your note "The Lettuce Is Up!":

This brings back memories from my childhood when my dad would plant everything in little containers, and then transplant to the fairly large garden. Lettuce was one thing he planted every year and we had salad every night! Of course, weeding the garden was never fun.

I remember one year in Pittsburgh when we "weeded the garden" and all the strawberry plants were tossed overboard in to the neighbor's yard. Not a very good year for the strawberry patch.


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