Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aidan is With Our God

A couple of days ago I asked you to pray for Aidan. Thank you for your prayers. Today I need to ask you to pray for Aidan's family. He passed away yesterday, and I can only imagine what his parents must be experiencing.

Here is the update that Aidan's grandfather sent out last night:
This is Regi’s Dad, I will proudly and forever be called “Poppy” as this is what Aidan named me. My sweet Regina asked me to get something on the website tonight for her and Josh. This will be short; I know they will be reaching out to you soon.

Aidan is with our God, healed and whole, at peace and happy. Aidan fought harder than anyone thought possible or would have ever asked of him. He did not suffer which cannot be said for those of us who love him deeply and were with him. When he breathed his last, he was in his Mommy and Daddy’s arms and surrounded by his family. In the end, it was the swine flu and not the leukemia that took our Aidan from us.

Regi and Josh would certainly want me to thank you all for the outpouring of support, encouragement and prayers. These have and will continue to sustain us all through this terrible nightmare. PLEASE continue to pray for Regi, Josh and Ava as well as for the rest of us as we have many difficult days ahead.

God Bless You all.




Melissa Irwin said...

i have no words for this. it is too sad.

Gentle said...

I have been following Michell's emails for prayer requests for Aidan. I just thought for sure he would have this beautiful recovery. I guess he did, just not the kind I was praying for. My heart is breaking for his family.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Aidan's Mom, Regina (Regi). I can't thank you enough for praying for son. I a full recovery, and now that he is gone, my faith is shaken. I actually sat down at my computer and googled, "Is there really a heaven? I hope there is because my Aidan would be thertruly believed that he would make e" and this blog popped up. Can you believe that!? I am actually turning to Google for answers! Aidan died one month ago today, and I miss him so much and can't believe I have to live my entire life without him. Please keep praying for me and my family. My heart is broken, I've never felt such pain, and I am lost without him. I keep praying for a sign that he is in heaven and can hear me when I talk to him. It wouldn't make me miss him less, but it would give me some peace knowing that he is happy and will always be with me. Love, Regi

Sarah said...

Oh, Regi. I hope you see this comment. My heart is breaking for you. I will most definitely be in prayer for you, and I will ask my friends and family to pray also. My mother Dolores lost two children, at ages six and eight months, so she understands what you are going through. She was very moved by Aidan's illness and his passing, and I know she will be lifting you up in prayer, as I will also.


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