Thursday, July 9, 2009

Evidence Against Allyson is Mounting

Remember Saturday's Missing Tomato Mystery? Well, Allyson is looking more and more like a prime suspect....

While I was weeding this evening, Allyson was standing on the other side of the tiny fence that is supposed to keep Lola out (it doesn't). Allyson mumbled something like, "I wonder if I could pick this tomato."

I was so intent on delicately excising a weed that was dangerously close to a clump of lettuce that it took a fraction of a second too long for her words to register. I cried, "No, don't..." as I turned toward her, just in time to see the two-inch Roma tomato plunk onto the dirt.

"Allyson!" I wailed. "Why did you DO that??"

"I'm sorry, Mama," she said automatically.

"I'm so disappointed! I've been waiting and waiting for that tomato to turn red so we could eat it."

"Maybe it will still turn red, Mama."

"No, it won't. Now it's dead. I'm so disappointed," I repeated.

"Maybe we can put it back on," Allyson suggested hopefully.

"No, we can't."

"When it rains again, another tomato will grow," she soothed.

"Maybe, but I kind of doubt it. That was the only tomato on this giant plant."

"Can I hold it?" she asked sweetly.

"I guess, but don't smash it. And don't give it to Lola," I warned as she started to run to Daddy, who was mowing in the front yard. "No, wait. Let's take a picture."

Allyson Attempting to Look Remorseful

Her True Feelings on the Matter

Allyson Redeems Herself
After she posed for her picture, Allyson spotted two new-born tomatoes on the Topsy Turvy plant, each smaller than the tip of my pinkie. I'm not giving up on my marinara sauce yet!

Her perfunctory apology notwithstanding, she couldn't conceal her excitement as she raced to show Bill the tomato.

"Where did you get that tomato?" Bill asked, his eyebrows raised. "Did you pick it?"

She pressed her lips together in a sheepish grin. "I picked it and Mama was real disappointed and she took a picture while I said I'm sorry," she explained.

I confirmed that that was the way it happened. Bill instructed her to set it in the window sill next to the marigolds that she got from the library. Maybe the tomato will ripen in the sun?

I couldn't stay mad at my little tomato thief even if I wanted to. She snuggled up in my lap while she watched her daily 30 minutes of TV, and I delighted in the deliciousness of her--such a sweet little imp!

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Melissa Irwin said...

Oh my! Eve couldn't resist the apple. Allyson couldn't resist the tomato. It's all beginning to make sense. Ha!


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