Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's God Who Makes Them Grow

We've had so much fun watching our little seedlings grow. I've taken a few pictures along the way, but unfortunately I neglected to write down the dates. According to our camera, all the pictures were taken on 9/20/2053, so that's no help.

They just keep growing...

Approx. Day 4 - Tomatoes on Middle Left, Cucumbers on Right

and growing....

About Day 7:
Column 1 Carrots, Column 2 Squash
, Columns 3-4 Tomatoes,
Column 5 Green Beans, Column 8 Pumpkin & Cucumber

Cute Little Tomatoes--Lola's Already Eying Them Up

Maybe Day 13. See How Tall the Green Beans Are!

Can You See the Little Beans Down Low On the Stalks?

There's still no sign of the cantaloupes, which I think sprout after 21 days; it's probably been longer than that already. But we're pretty sure we see a tiny folded over stem trying to break through in the peppers' column.

To show you what amateurs we are, Ethan and I both got very excited the other day when we saw something "new" and very big in column 1. Turns out it was just the pumpkins--Bill had rotated the tray to give the back rows more sun.

Everything is getting so big that I'm afraid the seedlings will die if we don't transplant them soon, but we're expecting a big storm this weekend, so Bill wants to hold off a bit longer. We can't wait!

Another Kind of Seeds
This morning I did a different kind of planting. At our second annual MOPS tea party, I shared my testimony with a group of about 30 women. It's hard to believe it's only been a year since the last time I shared my story. I was a bit reluctant to give my testimony again because about 40% of the ladies heard it last year. But it went really well, I think.

I was a little uneasy in the last few days because last year I had a crisis of faith two days before I was scheduled to share my testimony. I wondered what might happen to me this year, and I asked several friends to pray for me--for my protection and that God would give me the right words that could encourage someone.

It was around bedtime last night that I finally encountered some difficulty, in the form of awful indigestion, of all things. (Actually, that's not so unusual for me, but it really hit me out of the blue; I'd felt fine all evening.) I had planned to turn in early so I'd be well rested, but instead I was propped on a "wedge" pillow long after midnight, fighting severe indigestion and mild nausea.

When 1:00 came and went, I started to get alarmed. I reminded God (!) that I was giving my testimony in the morning, and that I really needed some rest. I guess it was around 1:30 that I pleaded, "God, if anyone is awake, please tell them to pray for me!"

Almost immediately, I felt a sense of peace--and delicious drowsiness--wash over me. Next thing I knew, it was 7:30 in the morning and I was hurrying to put my oatmeal cake in the oven. My stomach still felt a bit uneasy, but I figured it might just be nerves.

When I saw my friend Gentle at the meeting, she asked how I was feeling about the testimony. "Were you praying for me last night?" I asked.

"Yes. Well, actually I was praying this morning," she replied. "I think it was between 1:00 and 2:00."

I was thrilled and amazed. I told her about asking God to prompt someone to pray for me, and how I'd felt such a sense of peace as I dropped off to sleep.

"Funny, I was wondering at the time if you knew that I was praying," she said.

"Oh, I could definitely feel it," I assured her, and I gave her a big hug.

After enjoying a delicious brunch of my cake, Dara's popovers with real whipped cream, Gentle's ginger cookies and homemade shortbread with strawberry jam, Nicki's cucumber sandwiches, and Christina's deviled eggs and meatballs--washed down with Gentle's hot tea--I gave my testimony. I was wearing a tiara and a hot pink feather boa, but I forgot about all that as I got wrapped up in my story.

They only problem was that there wasn't nearly enough time to share all the amazing things God has done in my heart. I talked for 20 minutes and shared bits of these stories...

He Knows Me

Are You Sure You Have the Right Girl?
Streams on the Dry Ground
Forgiven Much

But I didn't have time to share this story:

Crossing the Veil

I told them how God has used ALL the experiences in my life (Romans 8:28) to transform me from shameful to forgiven, from fearful to trusting, from insecure to confident, from unloved and unlovable to precious, honored, and loved (Isaiah 43).

Afterward, a lovely young lady named Amber shared her testimony. It was awesome to see the parallels in our stories--themes of forgiveness and security--despite our very different life circumstances. I love how God works!

It was such a pleasure to tell of God's goodness in my life, and I pray that whatever seeds Amber and I might have planted today will take root and sprout--like the little pumpkins and green beans growing in my kitchen window seat. I know it is God who will make them grow.


Anonymous said...

I loved your testimony today! I am sooo proud of you for standing up and laying it on the table. When you finished and sat down, you really had a glow about you, you really did! And it was beautiful! Dara got a pic of you and I pray it was captured the way I saw you. You are such a great gal and a wonderful friend. Love you lots my sister!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

What beautiful plants. I wish I was that good in the garden.

Thank you for your post.

God bless you and Happy Easter to you and yours.

Melissa Irwin said...

Beautiful! I do always read your blog, often from my iPhone where it will not seem to let me comment.

NC Sue said...

I know you gave a wonderful testimony, because you were held up in prayer and sought only to glorify God!

Jenny from the Block said...

Sarah you and Amber both did an incredible job of sharing your testimonies. I love how open and honest you were, I loved the scripture cards and I love that God is using you so amazingly in our group! Thank you for taking the time to prepare and for sharing your heart. I had several women tell me afterwards how much they enjoyed hearing about your faith.


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