Monday, March 22, 2010

When You're Having Fun

Thinking about my last post brought to mind a similar story about Ethan. I found it in his journal tonight, along with several other excerpts I had copied from my own journal. He was seven when these stories took place....

Excerpts From My Journal (and Ethan's Journal)
-7/26/04: Ethan said something so cute yesterday. He told us that he needs to bring his Bible to church each time, and also money for the offering. He said earnestly, "Jesus likes the quarters best." He is so sweet!

-8/13/04: Ethan feeds the turtles now. He is delighted with the way Tom, the big one, bites and pulls at the yellow food lid. I love to hear Ethan talk and laugh. Thank you, Father, for the joy he brings us.

Tom When He Was Tiny... Or Maybe This Was Jerry

-8/19/04: There was a tremendous thunderstorm this morning. The thunder crashed and rattled the windows. The lightning was brilliant through my closed eyelids.... Ethan came in and slept with us at 5:00. Once he was next to me, he seemed to sleep right through the worst of it. He felt completely safe and secure in our bed.

I want to be that way with you, Father. No matter what storms rage in my life, I want to know that I am safe and sheltered in you.

-8/23/04: Ethan said something today that warmed my heart. I had taken off work to drive him to a doctor appointment. He asked if time really goes faster when you're having fun. I told him it does seem that way. He said he was having fun right then, talking to me in the car, and it didn't feel like 20 minutes had passed.

Oh, Father! Thank you for the gift of Ethan's conversation. Help me not to take his attention for granted.... Thank you, thank you for this gift.

Ethan in 5/04 (Age Seven)

Six Years Later
Ethan is still a joy, and even at almost 13, he says the sweetest things sometimes. I am so blessed.

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Jenny from the Block said...

It's crazy how fast they grow up, doesn't it just seem like yesterday that he was 7? I love that you have journaled out these sweet things.


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