Thursday, June 10, 2010

On a Plastic Horse I Ride

Hello again! It's been only three weeks since I decided to take a break, but it feels much longer to me. I have so much to tell you, but I'll start by sharing just one of the many stories I've been saving up...

Tuesday was the last night of Bill's mom's visit from Canada, and my parents had come by to spend a bit of time with her. All of us sat on the back porch enjoying the relative cool of the evening while Ethan and Allyson clowned around in the backyard.

 My Dad

Allyson and Mom

Ethan rocked on Allyson's old horse, its tired springs creaking in protest. In his twangiest southern accent, he sang his own version of a Bon Jovi song that he knows from Guitar Hero: "I'm a cowboy... on a plastic horse I ride. I'm wanted, (want-e-e-ed) dead or alive!"

He looked so ridiculous in his green Hawaiian swim trunks, gray Spider Man T-shirt, and tiny cowboy hat that I leaped up from the table. "I've got to find my camera."

"I'll take his picture, Mama," Allyson offered, bounding over with her favorite birthday present, an indestructible [we hope] Fisher Price kid's digital camera. She knelt on the grass and clicked shot after shot, from numerous angles. She reminded me of Ray, a friend and  professional photographer who took pictures at her birthday party on Sunday.

Here are a few of the shots she took (along with the two pictures above)...

Bill looked on with a forced scowl.

What is that boy doing? 

Ethan and Allyson's laughter echoed on the night air. This is the life!


Gentle said...

This is the life :) I think Ethan looks adorable!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Hey I'm glad you're Blogging again. Welcome back.

God bless.


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