Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Can't Measure it in Miles

I've been wanting to post an update on my 3-Day Walk progress, but I really wanted to be able to tell you how many miles I've walked. I've been walking about five times a week for just under a month, but I haven't had a chance to buy a pedometer. It really bugs me, not having an exact number to tell you, or even a ballpark figure. I walk anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours at a stretch, maybe up to 5 miles at a time.

My financial progress is easier to track: $611 out of the $2300 minimum I'll need in order to participate in the event. (I just noticed the 11, which is a number of special significance to Laura. Cool!)

So today I was thinking about how to quantify my progress, and I realized it has nothing to do with miles or money. Instead, I can measure it in joyous hours admiring the trees in bloom, with the breeze in my hair and the sun on my back. I can measure it in visits with God, whispering my prayers and then enjoying the companionable silence as we walk together.

And I can measure it in the number of acquaintances whom I've found the courage to approach in my neighborhood and at the gym, women who have agreed to walk with me on Saturday mornings in the park. I've already enjoyed two walks with my neighbor Kendra and her daughter Makayla; it's the longest time we've ever had to chat, and I think we're going to be good friends.

I've been getting up at 6:30 twice a week to walk and pray with Phyllis, the woman who knocked on my door and invited me to a prayer meeting last month. We've prayed for Laura, our families, our neighborhood, and our city.

I've had a couple easy walks with my family, much to Lola's delight. I've walked poor Allyson to the library, her preschool, and the park, until she complained about her aching legs.

I've had three long walks with my sister Amy, during which we built each other's faith as we prayed fervently for Laura, for my church, and for family members. I also had one Sunday walk--maybe too leisurely to count as a training walk, but most enjoyable--with Amy, our sister Emily, and our children.

Today, I had a lovely walk with Laura, the first we've had since I signed up for The 3-Day. The weather was glorious, and we had a good chat while Allyson raced ahead on her bike, then looped back, then conned us into walking her bike between us. I felt refreshed in spirit and in body, and I think Laura did also.

Laura and Son Samuel

I'm so excited to be taking this journey, and I can only rejoice in all the benefits I've already reaped.


Gentle said...

I looooove this photo of Laura and Samuel! SOOOOOO CUTE:)

Sarah said...

Gentle - yes, isn't that the best picture? It was taken at an international festival at Samuel's school. I believe he got the sombrero from his grandfather, who got it in Mexico.

Jenny said...

Way to go girl! I love running because it's a time to clear my mind, pray, and enjoy the outdoors. I'm glad you are enjoying your walks, and for a good cause!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Best wishes on your walk.

God bless.

Melissa Irwin said...

I am so proud of you and excited for you. I checked into your event and see that it is in November, correct? I will definitely contribute toward your fundraising efforts. I can't do anything yet because we just paid taxes and am still trying to get the kiddos in Zim fed and caught up on school fees.... but I love what you are doing and I pledge to contribute hopefully May or June! And besides all that, I just adore you Sarah...very thankful we got connected and that we got to meet!

Sarah said...

Jenny - Isn't being outdoors just the best time to pray? Unless you need the "snot in the carpet" kind of praying. (Heard that at a ladies' retreat and had to pass it on. Gross, but so realistic.)

Victor - Thank you so much for your encouragement and support.

Melissa - Yes, the event is first weekend in November. Thank you so much for your support!


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