Monday, September 15, 2008

Allyson Falls in Love

Excerpts from Allyson's journal regarding her beloved Cabbage Patch doll...

How You Met Baby - 2/24/08 (age 21 mos)
You and "Bee-by" are inseparable. You fell in love with him a few weeks ago. We were over at Aunt Emily's when you found a stash of nearly antique Cabbage Patch Kids that had belonged to Emily.

For some reason, one 25-year-old, naked doll captured your attention. You carried him by one leg, then by the tuft of yellow yarn hair. I didn't expect Emily to let you keep it; she'd been fiercely protective of those dolls when she was a teenager. They were collectors' items from the beginning.

When we were getting ready to go home, we started to pry your fingers loose, and I was prepared for a teary scene. But Uncle Paul said, "Let her take it," and Emily nodded. (Uncle Paul can never deny you anything.)

So the doll is now yours. You sleep with it, feed it eggs, and carry it everywhere. It's quite a conversation piece. A few strangers have actually shared nostalgic stories of
their first Cabbage Patch dolls. Other people probably wonder what you see in the homely little doll that looks like a stuffed pair of pantyhose. I have to admit, though, that its butt crack and outie belly button are pretty cute.

Now you just need to give it a name. The tricky thing is that Daddy and I can't even agree on its sex. I was calling it "she," but he was calling it "he." You don't care. You just call it "Bee-by."

Baby Has an Owie - 3/21/08
You and I were driving home from the gym one evening when you kept repeating, "Baby owie! Baby owie!" At first I just nodded an smiled absently, my eyes still on the road. But you became more agitated, so I finally turned to see what you were talking about.

You were holding your beloved naked Cabbage Patch doll, and you were poking your finger into a small hole on its back. I said, "Yes, Baby does have an owie. Don't worry. He'll be OK. We'll have Grandma fix it."

You smiled and patted Baby's back softly. "It's OK," you reassured him. "Grandma fix it!"

I couldn't believe how motherly you were! Since then, you've patted my back when I was upset about something--like the time I forgot the lunch on the kitchen counter when we went to Grandma's for our weekly visit. Your tiny, gentle hands are so soothing.

By the way, I still haven't taken Baby to Grandma's for stitches. But Daddy did dress him in one of your old Onesies to protect the wound.

Aunt Amy, Allyson, and Baby

9/15/08: Today Allyson sat in the rocker with Baby while I was folding clothes. I was delighted to hear her singing "The Jesus Song" to her baby doll. Here's an excerpt about that song...

Sing the Jesus Song! - 7/9/08 (25 mo)
Your favorite part of the bedtime routine--and mine--is singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children." After you have had your snack ("Want milk!... and cookies!"), sat on the potty, and watched a "yibbit of Noggin" [a cable channel for preschoolers], you say, "Sing the Jesus song!"

We sit in the rocking chair in the corner of my bedroom, and I hug you against my chest. You melt into me while I sing a minimum of three choruses of "Jesus Loves the Little Children"--with one minor modification. On the last line, instead of "Jesus loves the little children of the world," I sing, "Jesus loves my little Allyson in the world."

In a deliciously sleepy, contented voice, you make requests: "Sing Ethan!", "Ethan and Allyson," and even "Daddy, Mommy, Ethan, and Allyson." If you're not too sleepy, you sing along with me in your pip-squeaky voice. You can carry a tune, and sometimes we make harmony.

I love that your favorite song is the same one Ethan used to beg me to sing over and over. Most of all, I love the way I feel so, so loved while we sing it, your warm body draped over mine. Jesus really
does love his children!

Today, when Allyson sang to her baby, she sang it just the way I do. She ended with "Jesus loves my little baby doll in the wuld!" So sweet!


Kristi said...

That was the cutest video ever! Love it :)

Gentz said...

Oh my sweet! I love hearing her "baby" voice!! She seems so grown now!!


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