Saturday, September 6, 2008

Give the Boy a Whoopie Pie!

Excerpt from Ethan's journal...

Tuesday 3/20/07 (age 9):
Grandma Bushong had given us six whoopie pies, and we had three left. [A whoopie pie is two pieces of devil's food cake sandwiched together with something like Twinkie cream in the middle.] After all those sweets on our trip, I wanted to save these fattening treats for awhile, but I didn't want to let them get stale. So I wrapped them up and put them in the freezer.

A few days later, you wanted dessert one evening, and you asked if we could get out the whoopie pies. I replied that I was saving them for a special occasion. Bill snorted but said nothing.

You asked if you could eat yours and I could save mine for a special occasion. I said if you ate yours, I'd want some, and I didn't want any more sweets for awhile. You accepted defeat with a sigh and began rummaging through the freezer for an alternative. "Can I have these Girl Scout cookies?" you asked when you found the three peanut butter chocolate cookies I'd been hoarding.

"I'm saving them for a special occasion," I answered. Bill burst into laughter.

"You're never going to eat them," you complained, and Bill pointed out that they'd been in the freezer for three months now.

"Oh, I'll eat them," I argued. "You guys ate your Girl Scout cookies three months ago. Leave mine alone!"

"For Pete's sake!" exclaimed Bill. "Give the boy a whoopie pie!" I relented, and Bill cut one of the pies in half for you. You savored it after your shower, though you left two bites for me to finish. What a dilemma! I couldn't eat sweets on a Tuesday, yet I couldn't bear to throw out a perfectly good fragment of whoopie pie, either.

My phobia of food wasting won out over my phobia of fat grams. I ate the rest of the pie, and oh my, was it good!

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Mindy Dunlap said...

haha Sarah I laughed out loud the entire time I read this! I could just picture the entire scene in my mind. I really enjoy reading your blog :-) I love you


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