Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Surly Grocery Checker

Excerpt from Allyson's journal...

8/10/08 (26 months):
The first few times we had Stephanie babysit, you cried frantically when we left. Over this past summer, however, you and she have become inseparable. She's been home from school, and you ask for her the moment you arrive at Karen's on my work days.

"Where Teffy?" you ask eagerly. If she's still asleep, Karen lets you go upstairs to wake her. And she
doesn't mind! [Amazing, since she's an 8th grader!] I've never seen a family more devoted to someone else's baby--though I guess you are not really a baby any longer.

Most days, the kids or Karen or even her husband greet me with a funny story about your day. There was the time you wheedled Karen into buying strawberries. "I
need them!" Then there was the time you danced with Andrew's robot. Whatever move the robot did, you mimicked it exactly. Karen's husband tried to get you to show me, but you just clung to my leg shyly.

There was the phase when only Stephanie could do anything for you: you wanted Teffy to make your lunch and tie your shoes, and you wouldn't go potty without her.

My favorite story is the time you played grocery store with Stephanie, Ryland, and Andrew. They have a little cash register, and you got to be the cashier.

"What do you want?" you asked.

"Hmmm... I'd like milk and diapers," Stephanie requested.

"No!" you replied authoritatively.

"OK, what can I have?"

"Strawberries and ice keem," you replied.

"All right, then. I'll have strawberries and ice cream, please," Stephanie said meekly.

"Why??" you asked.

We all laughed ourselves silly over that little interchange.

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