Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fumbelina: The Greatest Fairy in the World

I can't believe Halloween is already over! It seems like only yesterday that I posted last year's Halloween entry. This year was even more fun because Allyson was anticipating it so eagerly.

She began rehearsing for Halloween a few weeks before the big event. She assembled her own costumes by combining various pieces from her princess treasure trunk. For example, there was this country Super Girl princess bank robber costume, complete with Cinderella pumps:

She also designed costumes for me, but the only things that fit were the sleeping mask and the flower headband.

I thought I was supposed to be the Masked Flower Bandit, but she said I was Sleeping Daisy. I guess she knows that you wear the mask for sleeping. I was wearing this costume at the same time that she was wearing her Super Girl ensemble, and both of us had to walk around her room in our blindfolds. I stepped gingerly, bracing myself for the hard little toys that often litter her floor, but both of us actually escaped injury.

A few days later, she dressed as a Daisy Ballerina, and she tried out her best ballet steps. Isn't she graceful?

Then again, maybe not so much. We really need to get her into some lessons.

A couple of days before Halloween, we went to TWO pumpkin patches. Allyson and I met our MOPS group for a play date that morning. We rode a train, stomped through a muddy hay bale maze that smelled like manure, and suffered through a picnic lunch in the icy breeze. Still, Allyson and the other kids all managed to have a great time.

That evening the whole family went to another pumpkin patch around the corner. It was hard to tear Ethan and Allyson away from the giant slide long enough to pick out the pumpkins.

While I was still working on dishes, Bill succumbed to the kids' begging and started cleaning the pumpkins. Ethan carved his own pumpkin this year, with only a little help from Bill! Allyson drew the face for hers, and Daddy did the carving. Bill carved a third pumpkin for a contest at work. I never knew he was so talented! (If you can't tell by looking, he made a tree, a cross, and tombstone.)

Ethan's, Allyson's, Bill's

When Halloween finally arrived, Allyson spent the entire day asking, "When do we go trick-or-treating? Is it time yet? Is it time now?" Clad in her Thumbelina costume and purple nail polish, she just couldn't contain her excitement. I thought maybe Bill had given her a few Halloween candies, but he said it was just her natural enthusiasm.

Ethan went to his dad's for Halloween. He wore a skeleton costume, but I don't have a picture.

We went out with our friends Brandy and Rodney, and their daughter Eniya--the most adorable little bee I've ever seen.

Allyson thoroughly enjoyed the trick-or-treating, especially the slight thrill of fear. Our first stop was at Ethan's friend Makayla's house. When Allyson rang the doorbell, a face hanging on the door started talking in a spooky voice, and she jumped back, though she made sure to wait around for her candy. After that, she wanted me to ring all the doorbells just in case.

She complimented the other kids' costumes along the way, and she was so proud when others admired her costume. "I'm Fumbelina, the greatest fairy in the world!" she announced proudly.

She had almost as much fun handing out candy back at home. The most fun, of course, was EATING the candy. Thanks mainly to Ethan, the candy is all but gone now. Just like Halloween.


Jara said...

Thanks for your comment, that was an awesome story about your mom and that book! LOVE those kinds of stories:)

Jenny from the Block said...

Cute pictures, love your new blog background.


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