Friday, November 27, 2009

I'll Ditto You!

Bill (smiling mischievously): "Come on Allyson, let's have some Pop Weaver!"

Me: "There's NOTHING wrong with that [generic] popcorn!"

Bill: "Let's have some Pop Weaver with some Diet Ditto [generic 7-Up]."

Me (with a swat to Bill's behind): "I'll Ditto you!!... And there's NOTHING wrong with that popcorn!"


Allyson (speaking around a mouthful of Pop Weaver): "Here, Mama, have some popcorn."

Me: I'd love some Pop Weaver, baby. Man, that's yummy!

Now I just need to pour myself an ice cold glass of Diet Ditto.

1 comment:

Mindy said...

That's too funny! Blake and I buy "Orange Crush" (instead of Sunkist) for him. We also buy the Target brand of Cranberry-Rasberry juice and Blake actually likes it better than Ocean Spray.


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