Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday Evening Blog Post

Elizabeth Esther started this blog carnival where bloggers gather on the first Saturday of each month to share their latest and greatest blog posts. This month we're featuring posts from October 2009!

My favorite blog post this month She Has Her Mother's Hands...And Our Father's Smile. I think this story demonstrates the simple ways God shows His love for us.

If you'd like to share one of your favorite blog posts from October, here's how:

  1. Pick one of YOUR posts from the past month and insert a link to it in The Mister Linky form on Elizabeth Esther's blog . (Remember to provide a direct link to your specific post, not your home page).
  2. Compose a new post at your site encouraging your readers to come check out the other great submissions and maybe explaining why you chose to highlight a particular post.
Check out the other posts here. This is a fun way to discover some great blogs!

1 comment:

Mindy said...

Ok, I know this has nothing to do with your post, I'm sorry. I just wanted to make sure you got my response to the comment you left on my blog :-):

Ohh! Yes I need an immersion blender! That way I can make milkshakes (only for Blake of course) and not have to clean up a whole blender! I have the Oxo garlic press that I love, I made my parents get one since they had an old small one that was awful. I stole their Pampered Chef onion chopper, I really don't know how I got a long before without it, I think I have an extra sensitivity to onions. And I have a crappy mini food processor I bought at HEB so I think I'm gonna add that to my list too! Thanks for the idea's Sarah!

You should ask for a day at the Spa or at least a good massage! I'll think of some more...I gotta go jump in the shower.


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