Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Please Pray For Laura

Yesterday Laura received some discouraging test results. Please pray for her healing, and pray that God helps her feel His presence and His comfort today. Pray that her faith is strengthened, along with her body.

Thank you!

Update 4/13/11 11:56 AM: Please visit my friend Gentle's blog for a suggested prayer you can pray for Laura.

Click here

Please take a moment to read the encouraging scriptures God gave Gentle as she prayed for Laura this morning. We are so thankful for your prayers.


Victor S E Moubarak said...


God bless.

Sarah said...

Thank you, Victor!

Mindy said...

I've been thinking about Laura Sarah, I really hope she gets cured. I can't even imagine what she's been through...

About the bad weather, oh yea, I got about 15-20 minutes of the bad stuff. I really thought my windows were going to break because of the hail slamming into them. I got some hail damage on my car but luckily, it's not too bad.

Sarah said...

Mindy, thank you for remembering Laura. Yes, it's hard to imagine what she's going through. Sorry to hear about the hail damage! We got a bit of hail today, but it was tiny.


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